Sunday, February 20, 2011

uncle andy

My brother Andy came to see us this past weekend. He is heading to Afghanistan with the army soon, and this was our last chance to spend time with him before he leaves for training. I should really write about all three of my brothers, and their relationship with my boys, because they are all amazing uncles.
I remember thinking when we found out Eli and Micah were both boys that they would have such great examples of men in their lives because of my brothers, and that has really been true. They love their uncles, and the rest of us are sort of chopped liver when they are around.
Anyway, Andy came in Thursday afternoon and we
were there to meet him when he came off the plane. My thought was to get to the airport early so we wouldn't miss him and the boys could run up to him. Well, we were definitely there early. An hour and a half early to be exact. His flight was delayed, so I had a couple moments of panic thinking how am I going entertain 3 little guys in an airport for over an hour, but thankfully they did great. We ate an outrageously expensive snack (2 bags of chips and an apple juice for almost 7 bucks (!), don't tell Aaron), and ran the long hallway a couple of times. That took all of about 20 minutes, but I remembered that I can get the Disney channel on my phone, so they happily hunkered down with that for the rest of the time. And they did get to run up to Andy as he walked up the ramp. :)
We went to the zoo, had some family over for desert, out to eat a couple of time, and to Scheel's. And the highlight has for sure been playing Super Mario Bros on the wii, and discussing super heroes in great detail.
I am so thankful for Andy, for the sacrifice he and so many others are making for our country, and for this weekend to be together. You are so loved Andy, I hope you know that!

*I'm clearly terrible at computer stuff, I could not get these pictures to line up right!

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