Sunday, July 11, 2010


*this picture has nothing to do with our adoption, but I was looking
for something with the number 5 in it, and there are five kiddos! Our
boys plus their cousins. :)

Friday marked month 5 of being on the waiting list. I did it again to myself, started anticipating it a couple of weeks before, so on the actual day it seemed like it should have actually been month 6. But, I feel pretty confident that we are over the half-way point with waiting for the referral. The longest anyone has waited for a child in our age range, is 8 1/2 months, so we are getting closer!

I go through different times of being incredibly excited and positive, to other times when I feel worried and overwhelmed about the responsibility we are taking on. Raising a child from another culture we know nothing about, bonding/attaching, the changes our family will experience, etc. I feel more strongly about adoption than ever, and can NOT WAIT to meet our daughter, but sometimes I just feel really freaked out.

I have started praying with the boys individually in their beds, and every night Micah wants to pray for "baby Hope." They have started talking more about her too. Even Isaac. Last Sunday I went to get him from the nursery and he saw a car seat sitting on the floor. He asked, "Baby Hope in there?" And his teacher overheard and said he had been talking about her! Too cute!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Daddy's trip

This summer is suddenly flying by. To me it seemed like May dragged on a bit, but then I blinked and June was over!
Aaron left this morning for a trip to Zambia. This is his fourth time to go, first time leading the trip. I already miss him like crazy, but I also just feel so proud of him. He has had a heart for missions since I think high school, and pictured himself being a full-time missionary overseas. That obviously hasn't happened yet, but I am so thankful for the opportunities he has had to share this love with others. And I feel like finally I am at a point where I understand more of this love he has, and can fully support him in it. And for the first time, I wish I could have gone too.

It is definitely a lot of work for everyone involved. I don't think Aaron has gone to bed before midnight for about the last two weeks, just trying to prepare not only for the trip, but also work stuff while he is gone. But he handles it with such grace and strength. And he still takes care of us too. Checking in with me consistently to see if I need him to do anything, and playing and being with the boys, making sure they are in bed before holing up in his office! :)
There were some tears this morning from Micah, and Eli was really sad on the way home. Isaac saw Aaron's truck when we got back home from the airport, and announced, "Daddy's home!", so I don't think he quite knows what is going on. :)

I started this a few days ago, so here is a little update on what we have been up to while Daddy is gone.
1. My mom came! Woo Hoo! Having her here is always such a joy, and it has been a tremendous help especially with Aaron gone.
2. Fish! Eli and Micah convinced their Nana they needed pets, and so she bought them betas, which they named Jack (Micah) and Bolt (Eli). Eli changed the name of his fish, I think 4 times. First it was Harry, then Angelfire, then Fireangel, and now Bolt.
3. Toy Story! I took Eli and Micah to see Toy Story 3 while Isaac finished his nap with Nana. They loved it, although Micah got a little scared.
4. Pizza, hamburgers, and donuts! Just tradition when Nana comes.
5. Project! The boys made t-shirts with Nana and I today. Micah wanted a race track, and Eli wanted a rainbow, snakes, and water with a boat and fish. Isaac's has different sports balls on it.
6. Picnics and the park! We are trying to wear the boys out each day, so going to the park and having a picnic is a great way to do that. Especially when the park is on the other side of a 1/2 mile pedestrian bridge!

So, all in all we are having fun and staying busy. Eli did say last night that he, "didn't feel good, he didn't feel right, he missed daddy." He seems the most affected at this point, but I know Micah and Isaac miss him too, they just don't verbalize it the same way.