Thursday, September 9, 2010


So, I have been terrible at blogging lately, and have three other posts that I have started but never finished. Including two monthly updates about our referral wait for months 6 and 7. And then yesterday at about 2:45 or so we got THE CALL!!!

Let me begin by saying I was not expecting it to come until at least October, maybe even November. The average wait time has been 8ish months which would have put us in October. I just didn't want to get my hopes up too much. Anyway, Aaron thought it would be sooner, but it just wasn't really on my radar yet. I was trying to keep my phone closer to me and actually have it on ringer instead of vibrate though, just in case. So, I was folding clothes and my phone rang and it was a Texas number which made my heart jump just a little, and then when I answered it was our case worker, which made it jump a little more, but she was totally calm and didn't give me any reason to think anything until she said, "Well, this is it!" And then I freaked out! I couldn't breathe, I started crying, couldn't talk, but we somehow managed to figure out that I would call Aaron, have him come home, and then call her back.

Waiting for Aaron to come home (all 15 minutes of it) was excruciating! But finally he was here, and we sat down and called our caseworker and she sent us 9 pictures and all the info on our sweet baby girl. She is tiny, just 6 weeks old and not quite 6 pounds. She has huge dark eyes, lots of soft dark hair, and cute little lips. We can't post any pictures or her name on blogs or public sites until we pass court, but she is precious. My heart is aching to be with her, and I think the hardest part of this journey for us has just started. I am so thankful though, that she is safe and being cared for until we can be with her.

The courts are still closed, until September 28th, and then our agency will submit our files and we will wait for our court date, probably another 3 months or so after they open. Then we will travel for our courtdate, and then again for our embassy appointment. So, we still have several months yet to go, but lots to prepare and 3 other little guys here to keep us moving and busy.

Yesterday was a great day, thank you Lord for the gift of seeing her face.