Thursday, October 11, 2012


It's sort of funny that I haven't blogged for forever, and when I finally do it's about an inanimate object! Hopefully this will be a kick start for me to keep up to date again. We'll see. :)

I just wanted to write down this story, because I think it shows how God can show Himself in even the smallest, seemingly insignificant ways, and I don't want to forget that. So, two mornings ago I had Bible study, and it was my group's turn to bring food for all of the ladies who come. I had signed up to bring cheese sticks, and then promptly completely and totally forgot about it. Like, it didn't occur to me once in the following week, I didn't write it down anywhere, nothing. Aaron had been on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic during that week, and so my usual grocery shopping day of Saturday morning, was pushed back to Monday afternoon. The afternoon before Bible study when I needed to bring the cheese sticks. As I made my list before leaving for the store, I remembered I had this coupon for cheese sticks, found it, wrote it down on my list and stuck it in my purse. The whole time thinking how great it would be to have another snack option for the kids in the next week. Thinking NOTHING of the fact that that is exactly what I had signed up to bring. So, I go to the store, get my groceries, remembered the cheese sticks (which is even a bit of a feat because I have been known many times to have an item written down on my list only to forget to buy it), and came back home. Later that evening I was checking my e-mail and saw a reminder that I had signed up for food for the next day, and BAM, I remembered I needed cheese sticks!! Only to then realize, I actually had exactly what I needed ready to go in the fridge! And I hadn't opened them up yet to give to my kids (although the thought had crossed my mind)!
Despite the fact that I completely forgot that I needed to bring cheese sticks for Bible study, God worked it out so that I would buy them anyway. He knew that Aaron was going to be sick as a dog Monday night after getting home from the Dominican, and I wouldn't have a chance to go back to the store. What a gift that was to me! Just to think that God is involved in the seemingly mindless, unimportant parts of my day spoke to my heart in such a real and powerful way. He can be trusted, He is everywhere all the time, and I need to do a better job of seeing Him, and rejoicing in His love for me.

So that's my story. :)