Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thursday, December 29

Well, we had another rough night last night. She did not sleep well at all, so restless and cried throughout the night. We had another nice, quiet day at the guest house. Aaron went out for a while and got a couple of souvenirs, and he and I went to an art gallery just down the alley from the guest house. The art there is amazing, and the artists themselves are there to show you there pieces and talk about them. That was one thing we really wanted to bring home this trip, an Ethiopian painting, and we found one we both really loved. For dinner tonight we went with the other families at the guest house to a traditional Ethiopian restaurant, and left Hope with a caregiver. She did awesome, and went to sleep perfectly for her. I felt both so relieved, totally confused, and a bit of a failure. :) I think she really sleeps better in her own bed. And, the caregiver was actually one from one of her foster care houses, so she felt totally comfortable with her. The dinner was so fun! They had a big buffet of beautiful Ethiopian food, and while we were eating they had musicians, singers, and dancers. We came back and went to bed pretty quickly, expecting Hope to be awake a lot of the night. But, she slept great! She woke up once, I gave her a bottle, put her back in her bed, and she slept until 7:00!!! So exciting!

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