Tuesday, January 24, 2012

one month

Tomorrow will mark one month that we have been with our girl. I'm not sure how it has already been a month, yet I distinctly remember feeling like the first two weeks were the longest of my life. :) I feel like we are really starting to settle in, all of us. Hope has been doing so well, she really rolls with the punches, and not too much seems to faze her. She has slept the last 4 nights without needing us to come into her room, and has taken good naps every day. Her eating seems like it is getting better too, like she is willing to try a few more textures. We have had few more outings, although not too many. I am kind of a homebody at heart, so I really haven't minded being home, and actually think I may need to be a little more intentional about getting out and introducing her to more people and places.

The boys are doing great, we definitely had more meltdowns and emotions those first two weeks, but those have seemed to decrease. Isaac now has a "love" jar for Hope; he gets to add rocks to it when he is kind, patient, gentle, etc., but also has to remove one if he is not. He has struggled the most, understandably, and I pray everyday that I would see and understand how to meet the needs of my kids, especially when they seem to be struggling. Hopefully this will help, that and more one on one time. Actually, they all need more of that, and Aaron and I have talked a little bit about what that will look like. Micah has named himself the "Hope Helper", and is so quick to try and do just that. Both he and Eli are so sweet with her, and she is the first thing on their minds when they get up or have been gone. They also love to pick out her clothes, but I have to say that is a little harder for me to give up because I love doing that too! :)

*So in typical fashion, I started this several days ago, and am just now getting if finished. I am so thankful it is Saturday, that we don't have a schedule, and that everyone is home together. The rest of the week was more challenging for us, getting along as a family, sleeping, etc.

We took Hope to get her blood drawn yesterday for a bunch of tests, and it was pretty traumatic. We probably would have waited even longer to go, but our doctor wanted to make sure we didn't need to start treating her for anything. Anyway, we went to Children's hospital, and Hope had to be stuck at least 6 times. Her veins kept blowing, whatever that means, so they had to stop and try in another spot. Needless to say, she HATED it, and fought and screamed pretty hard the whole time. So hard to see your kids in pain, but after it was done she was totally fine, smiling and just wanting to walk around and explore everywhere.

And eventually I will get more pictures posted. We are basically the worst picture takers of all time, so hopefully we will start doing a better job of that!

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