Tuesday, June 21, 2011

this week

This Friday and next Monday are pretty big days for us. Part of me doesn't want to make too big of a deal out of them in case things don't go as I hope they will, but part of me wants to tell everyone I know to please be praying for us and our case this week! Friday MOWA (an agency in Ethiopia that we need an approval letter from), is scheduled to review our case and give their opinion, so the judge will have everything she needs to finalize our adoption on Monday the 27th. If we do pass court, then we will have a few more weeks before we travel again to Ethiopia for our embassy appointment and to bring our girl home. We will also finally be able to share her picture! :)

Some specific things to pray for would be:
1) MOWA would have time to review our case on Friday
2) all our paperwork would be done correctly and nothing would be missing
3) MOWA would give us a favorable opinion letter
4) the judge would have time on Monday to review our case and finalize our adoption!

I absolutely believe in God's sovereignty and timing, and if we do not pass, I trust His plan. But, the desire of my heart (obviously!) is that we would, and unless He leads me to pray otherwise, that is what I am praying for!

*Ethiopia is 8 hours ahead of us time wise, just an fyi. :)


  1. This is what I've been praying for! It will be my privilege to be able to pray more specifically for you and ALL your family...including the one that currently resides in Ethiopia!

  2. Any news?