Monday, January 31, 2011

Ethiopia, day 3

Monday, February 1

Wow, today was AMAZING!!! We both slept okay last night, woke up a lot, but never felt just wide awake. We had a good breakfast downstairs, and then met our driver who took us to the Gladney Foster Care House #1. When we arrived there was a group of babies laying in the sun, and it was so hard not to run over to them and look for B. We met some of the Gladney staff, and while talking to them I saw her. A caregiver had picked her up to go and weigh her I think, but I saw her eyes and knew it was her. I totally choked up, but still held back. When we were talking to the Gladney staff, they said just to be really careful not to give all your attention to just one child because even the babies start to make a connection, and when we leave they struggle a little bit with eating and sleeping. Almost like they are depressed in a way. We found out what room she was in, and basically just hung out there for about an hour. There were two caregivers in her room and 8 babies. She is almost ready to move to the older baby house, I think they do that around 6 months. She is absolutely the most precious baby ever. She was content, and didn't mind when I held her at all. She wasn't a huge smiler, but we got a couple little ones. You can tell she just loves to be talked to and held. It was so hard to not just stand by her crib or hold just her the whole time, but I definitely don't want to cause any more issues for her. Plus, the other babies were precious too! She actually shares her crib with another baby girl, and they both cuddled up together after they ate and fell asleep. Their little legs and arms were all wrapped up, so sweet! I wish I could better explain what it felt like to hold her, but I think it was one of the sweetest moments of my life. Leaving her is going to be horrible, but it is such a blessing to see where she lives and those that are talking care of her.

After we left the care centers, all of the families (I think there are 8 of us) went to lunch together. It was a really nice Italian place, and fun to get to know some of the other families adopting. Then we went to this silk factory, where they actually raise the silk caterpillars. We got to see the cocoons, butterflies, eggs, and caterpillars, and how they make and spin the silk. So interesting, and really beautiful things they make out of the silk. Then we went to Alert hospital where they have leprosy patients who crochet, weave, embroider and sew all kinds of things. There were women there with literally no fingers who were crocheting and knitting, pretty humbling and amazing at the same time.

After that we went back to the airport, and praise the Lord, our bags were there! So thankful to have those back!


  1. So excited for you!! We will pray for you guys!!

  2. Mary-What a blessing to hear you got to see & hold your baby girl! Praying that the rest of your trip is glorifying to God and a blessing to you & Aaron!

  3. i have chills as i read this knowing that amazing feeling you are describing. i am sure it is hard not to give her all your attention and it will be SO hard to leave. but i am so happy you are there with her for now. before long, it will be FOR GOOD.

  4. You two are so strong to be able to do all this. I can't imagine how hard it must feel sometimes, and also how joyous. Praying the rest of your trip goes well and that it won't be too long before you can bring her home!!!

  5. love reading about this amazing journey to be with your daughter --Super excited for you!

  6. Mary, thank you so much for the updates! You have popped into my head so often these past few days... like you said, a good reminder to PRAY PRAY PRAY. Praying that court goes smoothly, and you get some rest at night there. Also praying for Hope and her friends there. Praying God's blessings over them.