Tuesday, December 8, 2009

my three

So, I just wanted to write down some things about my boys, personality traits, interests, funny things they say, etc. I have been terrible about keeping up their baby books, especially poor Isaac. Eli and Micah I did okay, but have really slacked off lately. And, unfortunately I know I won't remember much, despite my greatest efforts.

Micah, 3 1/2- Micah is such a sweetheart. He is very sensitive, both to others and personally. When he and Eli get out of the van and Aaron is with us, they usually want to both get out on "Daddy's side," but before hopping out Micah will usually ask me if it "will make me sad that no one got out on my side." He seems to be more aware of others and their feelings. He is pretty friendly, and doesn't seem to be that shy or afraid of new people. He will tell you his name if asked, and that he is three, and sometimes that he is a twin. He loves all things boy; swords, super heroes, cars, dirt, balls, etc., but his current favorite color is pink, and he picked princess stickers from the doctor which he then proceeded to stick in the van on his side where they stayed for months. He plays well with other kids, especially kids a little older than himself. He also plays well on his own, although he doesn't get the chance very often. He loves his little brother, and has always been interested in other babies.

Eli, 3 1/2- Eli is hilarious. He makes the funniest faces, especially this one where he sort of squints his eyes and looks to the side. He is more dominant than Micah, both in size (although it's just a pound), and often in their play. He takes just a little bit longer to warm up in new situations, and often will let Micah talk for him. He is pretty stubborn, when something is on his mind, he goes after it until he gets it. He LOVES his baba (blanket) and his thumb. Sometimes he just wants to go upstairs and sit on his bed and be with his baba. I'm not sure when we will tackle this issue, it is definitely not going away as he gets older. He says when he is 4 he will give it up, but I'm not so sure. He also loves all things boy, and has a great imagination. He is constantly coming up with scenarios involving dragons, knights, swords and bad guys. His current favorite color is purple. He would rather play with Micah than on his own, and when they do have roomtime, he usually scales the gate first to go in Micah's room. Eli is also a great storyteller, and a lot of his stories start with, "When I was a big boy..." :)

Isaac, 18 months- Isaac is such a joy. I have enjoyed him so much, and as he gets older he just gets more and more fun. He currently says, uh-oh, mama, dada, moon, milk/more, baba, bobo (paci), bye-bye, night-night, fish, baby, ear, bear, and there are probably others. Right now he probably says uh-oh hundreds of times a day. If he thinks anything looks different or weird he says uh-oh and points to it. The other day I bent over and my shirt came up and he saw my back and promptly said uh-oh. He also can meow, tweet, and moo. He is all over the place, and hard for me to keep track of. He loves his big brothers and is happy as long as he is where they are. One of his favorite games right now, is to be chased. He gives you a big grin, and looks over his shoulder while he runs away as fast as his little legs can go. He is also a very loud child. I am thinking this is due to having two other guys to be heard over, but he has a scream and is not afraid to use it! We are trying to work on this right now, but I'm not sure how well we are doing. He is very friendly, and will go up to strangers and say hi. While his brothers have always been on the smaller side, Isaac has always been a big boy. In fact he is wearing clothes right now that Eli and Micah wore just a year ago.

So that is a very quick update about what my boys are doing these days. They are such a joy to me, and despite days that can be very long and frustrating, there is truly no place I would rather be than with them.

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