Saturday, December 5, 2009


As any mom of more than one kid will probably tell you, finding quality one on one time with each kid is pretty rare and hard to pull off. And having twins right off the bat, I have struggled from day one with feeling like I never have enough time for them. It is something Aaron and I talk about all the time, and really want to improve but just haven't figured out yet a great plan for making that time happen. One of the greatest benefits about having twins, they always have a buddy around, can also be one of its greatest drawbacks, they always have a buddy around! Anyway, lately I have been more aware and thankful for moments I have with them, just the two of us. Even for only a couple of minutes, being able to interact with one little guy at a time is such precious time. And they love it too and just soak it up. This week I have had time to cuddle, chase, and make cookies with each of them and only them. We haven't done anything different to make that happen, it just has, and thank the Lord I have been aware enough to take advantage of it, and just enjoy my boys, one at a time.

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