Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Christmas you were 3 and 1.

I saw this post idea on another blog and loved it.
Christmas 2009
The Christmas you were 3 and 1.

Hey Guys! I just wanted to write down what this Christmas has been like for the three of you and your dad and I, so I don't forget. This Christmas, Eli and Micah, you are 3 1/2, and totally into Christmas. You really seem to "get it" this year, and are so excited about all the special events that we have going on. You helped mommy decorate this year, and were most excited about YOUR nativity ( a Little People nativity that your Nana got you) which you totally remembered, and the Christmas tree. You so wanted to put on all of your ornaments all by yourself, which you did for the most part, except the breakable ones. :) Some of your favorite ornaments were the Superman, Spiderman, and Kung Foo Panda ones. You would find the perfect spot for each one, and then run back to me and ask for another.

You have also loved pulling out all of our Christmas books, and reading them over and over. This year the favorites were The Little Drummer Mouse, and Bear Wakes Up. Your great aunts Cheryl and Connie have given you most of those precious books.

Another tradition you have been totally into has been our advent calendar. Each day the two of you, (Isaac will get in on this next year!), take turns putting up one of the little felt magnets that correspond with each day. You never forget to do to it, and you never forget whose turn it is!
It has been such a blast seeing Christmas through your eyes, and appreciating so much all the simple things that make it so special. You don't need presents or parties, what you love most is to have me make some hot chocolate, really more like warm chocolate :), and curl up together in front of the fire and read our Christmas books.

We have talked a lot about giving, and how that is really what Christmas is about, giving gifts because God gave us the most wonderful gift in Jesus. That is my prayer for all of you, that the true meaning and message of Christmas will remain deep in your hearts when the Christmas tree is gone and the presents opened.

We told you the truth about Santa this year too. Your dad and I went back and forth about it, but just didn't feel comfortable leading you toward that for many reasons. You definitely would have fallen for Santa, that's for sure, but I think the fun of it is still there for you. Neither one of you seemed very suprised by it, although you have asked about Santa a couple of times since then.

Eli and Micah, thank you for helping your dad and I to reevaluate our own hearts this Christmas season, and make sure that as we are trying to lead you toward Jesus this Christmas, we are seeking Him ourselves.

Isaac, wow buddy, you have kept me on my toes even more this Christmas! You are right there with your big brothers, and so want to do everything they do. So, when you saw them decorating the tree, you of course wanted to do it to. And you have. And do. Every. Day. :) You love finding Baby Jesus in the manger and showing him to me, and more often than not, he is not in the manger, but where you left him on your last adventure.

We have not put any presents under the tree, even though they are wrapped and ready, mostly because of you, big guy! You would be into those presents faster than stink on a skunk, as my dad would say. It has actually been a blessing really, because now instead of the focus everyday being on those presents under the tree, we can focus on that manger in their place instead.

Isaac, if I have learned anything this year about Christmas decorations, I can put it into one word-nonbreakable. That is what this family needs with you this year! The other day I was pulled into the room by your very worried brother Micah, and there you were sitting on the side table squeezing to smithereens a vase full of ball ornaments. It is truly a miracle you didn't get cut, as you were surrounded by shards of glass. You would think I would have it down, with two big brothers ahead of you, but you are taking me to levels I have never been before!
Isaac, my prayer for you this Christmas, is that you will begin to understand, even at the age of 1 1/2 that the best part of Christmas is the love and joy our family shares because of the grace of that baby in the manger you love so much.

Well my sweet boys, Christmas is just 3 days away, and I have no doubt you will wear yourselves, and your dad and I out with the anticipation and joy that day brings. I love celebrating this time of year with you, you have made it richer than I could ever have anticipated and I love all three of you with all my heart.


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