Thursday, March 17, 2011


Some fun and random thoughts from the last week or so...

-We had a great visit from my brother and sister-in-law. We LOVE when they come and visit, and it went by incredibly fast. They came Saturday evening and left Wednesday morning. Micah was especially sad when they left, and was scheming ways to get them to come back. :) They took us out for sushi, Aaron and my first experience, and we made our usual trip to the zoo. They love our boys so much, and it is such an encouragement to our hearts to spend time with them.

-I have been feeling especially hopeful about adoption stuff lately. Like, I sometimes have trouble falling asleep at night because I am so excited thinking about what God may be doing. I don't have any real reason for feeling this way at this point, but my heart just has that excited, anticipatory feeling. I keep trying to convince myself not to feel this way, that we may have months and months ahead of us yet, but I'm apparently not listening very well.

-Yesterday I walked into our living room to see that Eli had watered my fake plant with a full water bottle. There was quite the river flowing into our dining room! Both boys are super into watering and taking care of plants. Which is hilarious considering I do. not. garden. They will find little weed/grass plant things outside and water them and build little walls around them to protect them, water trees, and dead plants from last year. I really need to take advantage of this, but I am so clueless about anything related to plants!

-Isaac has been just about the cutest little guy ever these days. I think it's the completely sincere and earnest way he talks about just about everything. And he is a puzzle machine. He will do puzzles forever, over and over again.

-Eli and Micah turn 5 next week! Craziness! They have discovered Legos, and Angela was pronounced the "best builder ever" when she was here. :) They want to have a Mario Bros cake for their birthday, which does not bode well for me. I remember all too well my Spiderman debacle from last year. I did find some little figures on Amazon that I might just need to get, since they also informed me it needs to be perfect. (We looked at Mario cakes online, and I just kept saying, "wow, these cakes are perfect!")

-We received an update yesterday about Hope. She looked so cute, but she is looking older! Of course she is, but it really hit me in that picture how much she has changed. Her development and growth looks good, and I just can't wait to kiss those sweet cheeks again!

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