Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My oldest 2 turn 5 today. For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about their birthday, and thinking how old 5 sounds. I have been mentally trying to push their growing shoulders down with the weight of my will to keep them little, and memorize every inch of their almost 5 faces. The way Micah can make his eyes so big when he is telling or hearing a story, or when he is in trouble. Eli's front tooth, and the way it sticks out just a little bit more than the others due to being a thumb-sucker from birth. Micah's giggle and Eli's smile. The way Eli's voice deepens when he talks to his dad about something important, and Micah's sweet words of encouragement. I love these two little guys so much, and am indescribably thankful for the gift I have been given of being their mom.

Today for their birthday we started out with teddy bear pancakes and they opened their presents. And for the first time ever, Aaron and I didn't get mad at each other while putting up streamers and balloons, yay! The family I nannied for before the boys came along came over for dinner last Saturday, and brought what turned out to be the boys' favorite gift, a trike! This trike is pretty much the best trike ever, super tough and durable and big, but also really easy to peddle. They have been riding it CONSTANTLY, such a great surprise for them.
They played and rode all morning, and then my grandma and two aunts came over. We love them so much, and I am always reminded what really a gift it is to have family when we spend time with them. Then for lunch Eli and Micah picked chicken nuggets and french fries (which I found at Trader Joe's, and felt a little better about giving them), and I let them watch Kung Fu Panda while eating lunch.
I finished their cake during rest time, and praise the Lord, the little Mario figures came in the mail that I had found on Amazon. We went to Red Robin for dinner, their favorite restaurant, which worked out great since we had coupons for their meals, and a free hamburger for Aaron. Then we came back home, had cake and ice cream and played a couple games of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. So fun having a day to celebrate them, and so thankful for the past 5 years.

So here are some info about both of them at 5 years old:

-Micah-older by 15 minutes, 38.5 pounds
-Elijah- 39 pounds (incidentally, this is how they have been since they were born. Eli has always been 1/2 inch taller and 1/2 pound heavier.)
-they both can read, very simple short-vowel sound words
-Eli enjoys coloring, writing, cutting, etc.
-Micah likes to create these elaborate battles with guys, superheroes, lego men, etc.,
-they have a "rest time" together every day. we started out with them separate, but they insist they just want to be together.
-they still spontaneously will hold hands just for a few seconds every once in a while when standing by each other or walking.
-they love to be read to. we read a chapter book after putting isaac down every day, currently it's mrs. pigglewiggle :)
-they love watching movies and playing the wii.
-their favorite restaurant is Red Robin, and has been since they were 3
-they both still love their little blankets my aunt made them when they were born, and sleep with them every night. and try to sneak them downstairs all the time.
-their favorite foods are cheese pizza, chicken nuggets, and pancakes and corn/hot dogs (eli), berries, and mango
-they still like to snuggle, especially at night

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  1. We are so proud of these little guys and we pray that they would continue to grow in "the nurture and admonition of the Lord" - growing to know and love Him more and more. They are such sweet little guys and pure joy to be around. We adore them. Happy 5th Birthday guys - and Nana and Papa can't wait to see you!! Love and Kisses and Prayers!