Wednesday, February 3, 2010


*Eli around 6-9 months

You gotta love the honesty of little kids. Or maybe don't love it, depending on the situation. Today, I was sitting checking my e-mail and Eli comes over and says in his matter of fact voice, "So mom, when are you having the baby? It looks like you have a baby right there," as he pokes my stomach that may or may not have been sticking out just a little bit. Uh well Eli, there is no baby, but thank you very much for jump starting my ab workout once again. Or at least, making me think long and hard about starting one.
In other news, OUR CIS APPROVAL NOTICE CAME TODAY!!!! Yay!! This is the last bit of paperwork we have been waiting for to officially be on the waiting list. We are planning on getting it notarized today and mailing it to our dossier agency tomorrow. Thank you Lord!

*And I can't believe I didn't realize how those two things are connected, but a friend had to point that out to me! I may not have a baby in my belly, but I do (or will) have one in Ethiopia, and we are one step closer to bringing her home!


  1. hee hee.. I love how those two tid bits of info are related and not, but are ;-)


  2. holly, i didn't even realize that until JUST NOW!!! How right you are!

  3. Mary, I just want you to know that the very same day my 6 year old made a similar comment about my belly! Sad thing is, I've already been trying to workout!

    ~Exciting news!!

  4. I am so excited for you!! (And you looked WONDERFUL last time I saw you, so I wouldn't worry too much about the belly statement. haha.)