Saturday, February 6, 2010

honesty 2

Eli strikes again! Today as we were getting ready to leave the house he says, "Mom, your bottom is squishy," as he pats it. Wow, I could really start to have some body image issues here, good thing I have a good sense of humor. Ha ha ha...?
On another note, but sort of related, I was thinking today how thankful I am that my boys feel like they can say whatever is on their mind to me. They feel the freedom to say what they think, good and bad. We are trying to redirect the "bad" and raise boys that are respectful and thoughtful, but I love that they feel comfortable and safe enough to say what they want to. Of course that is how it should be toward their mom, but when does that change? When do you go from being uninhibited with your words and actions to feeling bound up and unable to express yourself the way you really want to? Or maybe it's just me. I know I sometimes struggle with saying or doing what I really feel, so that probably causes me to appreciate all the more when I see freedom in others. In any case, honesty at almost 4 provides some great entertainment and laughs, if only there was someway to keep those comments in the privacy of our own home...

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