Monday, February 22, 2010


Having twins I have heard or read these last four years many "horror" stories about the trouble that twin boys can get into together. How they help each other get into anything and everything, create terrible messes, and basically cause havoc for their household. In fact, I remember walking through Scheel's when the boys were little, they were still in their stroller, and another mom of twin boys said to me, "It doesn't get any easier, so be prepared!"

And just this last week I was thinking we had pretty much avoided anything like this so far. We have had the occasional mess, but really nothing major. Well, things may be changing.

We have been nearing the end of naptime for a couple of months now, which deserves its own day of mourning and grief, and last week the boys were definitely NOT sleeping. I had gone up once to warn them, heard a little more noise and then nothing for a long time. So long in fact, that I started to get a little worried. I was actually worried that they had pushed Eli's mattress off his bed, and he was trapped underneath. (Is that a mom way to think or what!) Anyway, I go up and open their door, and there they are; buck naked, soaking wet with soapy water with soapy water pouring out of the bathroom into their room. Oh, they are also covered with mascara and bronzer and the sink is full of soapy makeup water, and the medicine cabinet is open with toiletries, makeup, and bandaides everywhere. I just sort of stood there shocked for moment, but honestly wanted to burst out laughing. They had covered themselves with makeup and then tried to take a bath in the sink to wash it off so I wouldn't notice. Gotta love the logic of almost 4 year olds! Later I was talking to Micah trying to figure out how this had happened, and he informed me it was his idea to go into the bathroom because, "he wanted to do something exciting," and Eli's idea to get into my makeup and medicine cabinet.

And then literally the next day, I was cleaning up the kitchen and I walk into the living room and Micah is pouring out water from his water bottle on the wood floors "so his shark could swim." And Eli is right behind me with his own bottle of water for his shark.

And today, the boys were upstairs supposedly having rest time, when I hear Micah screaming my name. I run upstairs and he is on top of the ironing board which they have somehow set up, and blood is gushing out of his finger. He climbed on top of that to reach this ulu knife Aaron has on his dresser. Thankfully it was a very little cut, but he was squeezing the life out of it making it bleed quite a lot. And, I should also mention, the floor vent was taken off, and his head was covered in dust, pointing to the fact he stuck his head in the floor vent. (We have a really old house with some vents that are quite a bit bigger than in newer houses.) What in the world!?
I tell you what, they have kept me busy this week!


  1. Oh my goodness! I hope you got some pictures of some of this stuff. Not always funny at the time but hilarious later on. :)

  2. Thanks for the laughs today! I too hope you took a few pics of the water/makeup mess-- would love to see them! :)