Sunday, August 21, 2011

new pictures

We received an update and new pictures of our little Hope last week, including her daily schedule and what she eats. Seeing what her day is like, and even simple things like what she is used to eating has definitely got us thinking about how much our life will soon change. I have read some blogs lately of families who are home with their kiddos, and just how difficult that transition can be. It's like you move from one state of dependence on the Lord, to another. I don't think (and this is a good thing) that there is really a time in our lives when we can say, "Whew! Now I can relax and not have to pray about life anymore!" There is always another phase coming, a new beginning that is unknown and maybe uncertain where we need God's grace and guidance.

We also heard that we were submitted to the Embassy on Thursday! Now we wait until they have reviewed our case, and either ask for additional information or clarification, or give us clearance to travel and bring her home. We are obviously praying for option #2! :) I seriously can hardly handle her cuteness in these pictures, and the fact that she has grown up SO much!


  1. I can't believe how beautiful she is Mary! Hope that she can be with you soon!