Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Glory, glory hallelujah we have a court date!!! The boys and I went to the library yesterday morning, and I left my phone in the car. Of course that would be when our caseworker called! I checked it when we got back in the van, and saw the red blinking light and the 817 area code, and listened to the message that we had a court date! For some reason I couldn't call her back with the same number, so we hightailed it home. I hurried the boys inside, put on the Pippi Longstocking book on CD for them and called Gladney. Our caseworker was on the phone when I called back, but we finally connected a few minutes later.
Our court date is February 4, which is a Friday, and we need to be there January 30. Our first scheduled visit with Hope B will be on Monday morning, and we will have 1 or 2 more visits with her throughout the week. I just feel like I sighed a huge sigh of relief with that date. What an amazing blessing to have this piece of the puzzle in place and be able to really move forward.
So, the research about plane tickets and accommodations has officially begun! Aaron has been looking here and there at ticket prices for a couple of months, but he is in full on research mode now, trying to find the best deal/time.
We also received another update and picture, which seriously almost made me fall off my chair it was so cute. They had done her hair in little hair ties! So can not handle it!! And just today I got more pictures and a sweet note from another family who had gone to Ethiopia, and offered to visit Hope. They held her and took the above picture of her little feet, which I had never seen before and think are to die for. :) So much to be thankful for, THANK YOU LORD!!!


  1. so very happy for you! jan 30th can't get here soon enough, huh?

  2. yay, mary! those are the sweetest little feet i've ever seen. precious!

  3. wonderful news -- so excited for you!