Friday, April 9, 2010


I have been enjoying watching my three boys interact more and more together. Isaac still gets left in the dust constantly, but he seemed to have been born trying to catch up to his brothers in every way. And I am predicting he will outweigh them in the not too distant future! He adores them and just wants to do everything they do. Today we were all outside enjoying an amazing spring day and Eli and Micah were running races. They love to race, inside, outside, anywhere, and Isaac has been doing his best to race with them for a couple of months now. After they had run several races Eli and Micah plopped down to take a rest and I watched as Isaac came up right beside Micah and sat down. He looked over at Micah, who was fiddling with his shoes, and Isaac started fiddling with his shoes. Then Micah folded his hands in his lap, and Isaac looked over and did the exact same thing. And he kept glancing over at Micah to make sure he was still doing the same thing Micah was doing. Then Micah jumped up and announced something, and sure enough, Isaac jumped up and announced the same thing, in his cute little voice. I just about died, my heart actually hurt I though it was so cute!
Eli and Micah have also picked up on the fact that Isaac will repeat anything they say. We were in the car yesterday and I hear from the back, "Isaac, say Great Big Poop, say Great Big Poop, Isaac!" And sure enough, Isaac's little voice pipes up, "Great Bid Poop!", and the three of them burst out laughing. And as totally inappropriate as it was, it was pretty funny. Either that or I have been around too many boys for way too long!

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