Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Isaac has had a big week. First of all he decided he was done with his high chair, so he is now in a booster at the table with the rest of us. He was very excited about this, and looks super cute too!

And today at the age of almost 20 months, Isaac had his first haircut! I did not wait nearly this long with Eli and Micah, and Isaac's hair was extremely long. Longer than a lot of little girls his age and older. I was sort of emotional about cutting it, I think because when little boys get haircuts that is just what they look like, little boys and not babies or toddlers. Plus, he had really good hair. I wish I had his hair; it's super silky and has just the slightest bit of curl so it lays down really well. It never got matted or tangled despite how long it was too. People would comment on his hair all the time. However, I knew the time to cut it had come when I started envisioning how I would fix it if he was a girl! So, off to the haircut place we went. Eli and Micah needed one too, so we picked up my Grandma, who goes with us on every haircut, braved the cold, and came out with three clean-cut little boys. I wish I knew how to put pictures on here, but I am ridiculously inept with this computer. Anyway, Isaac did great during the haircut. I had a steady stream of candy to keep him occupied and distracted, and it definitely worked at least this first time. The lady who cuts their hair is really good too, and fast which also helps! Bye bye baby, hello big boy, ready or not!


  1. yay, you posted pictures! what a cutie he is.

  2. thanks, can you believe it took me this long to figure out how?!