Thursday, January 7, 2010

The boys and I had a really neat conversation the other day about God that I wanted to record. I'm not sure where their hearts are, but after this I was encouraged that we are heading in the right direction. We talk about God/Jesus with them a lot, and up to this point they would ask a question or two every so often, but the conversation usually ended being really silly or ridiculous. Or violent, like talking about punching or hitting Jesus (yikes!) I had brothers so I know that is pretty normal, but sometimes they even surprise me with the things they say. Anyway, the other morning somehow the issue of dying came up and they were asking good questions about it. Like what happens to their bodies, and will they look the same in heaven, and if they would be old or young. I explained that if they knew Jesus as their Savior they would be in heaven, and didn't need to be afraid of dying. Micah especially has mentioned several times that he doesn't want to die. I also asked them if they wanted to pray and ask Jesus to be their Savior, which I have done several times and each time they have said no. This time they said they did, so we all held hands and I prayed and they each repeated every word. And later on that day, and since then, Eli has asked to pray and his prayers have been really sweet. As opposed to in the past when he would pray it was silly. When Aaron came home that evening I asked them to tell daddy what they had prayed to Jesus, and Eli told him that he had told Jesus he loved him.
I know they are only 3 1/2, and I am not 100% convinced they knew exactly what they were doing, but I do know that God can and does minister to little ones and we should never take that for granted. As my mom reminded me when I told her about this. I will say there has been a marked difference in the way they are talking about and praying to Jesus, and it may just be that they are getting a little older and understanding a little more, but I believe it could also be that they did make a decision in their hearts to trust Jesus. Either way, my job is the same, to lead them closer to Him.


  1. Hi Mary, Enjoyed reading your blog, what a sweet family. We got on the waiting list this time last year- #31 to be exact! Every part of this process is precious in hindsight but difficult when you are in it...

  2. Aww. That's such a special time. Leah recently asked Jesus into her hear too. I thought the same thing with her only being 3 1/2, but God knows.