Sunday, October 3, 2010


We received our first update about B! We were told we would receive updates once a month, and I have been eagerly checking my e-mail for the last week hoping to learn more about our baby girl. It is so good to know she is doing well, and hearing and seeing anything about her is a million times better than nothing, even if it is short! Here is what they said about her:
"B—What a beautiful, delicate little doll! B is calm and seems to enjoy a good cuddle. She stares at every thing in wide-eyed wonder. Today, when I visited with her, she was wide awake while her buddies were sleeping. She just lay there, quietly, seemingly listening to all that was going on around her: caregivers talking, doors shutting, babies crying in other rooms. Before long, though, she had nodded off into a peaceful sleep. She had enough of being awake and needed to get back to her favorite activity at this point in her little life." So sweet!

We will hear about her weight and length and developmental milestones around the 15th of each month, and around the 1st of the month we receive pictures and personality descriptions. I sometimes just ache thinking about her, holding her, kissing her cheeks, and introducing her to her three big brothers. Praying our dossier will move quickly through the court!


  1. what a wonderful update! what agency are you using? they do a great job of updating you! i know your heart aches for her, but it helps to have any connection and update you can get.

  2. Thanks Missy! We are using Gladney and they have been great!