Thursday, August 19, 2010


There are some super cute things that Isaac says that I want to get down before I forget them, because I know I will! He is talking so much, and almost always in sentences. I love hearing what he has to say, and how he says it. I should maybe start correcting him about some of them, so he actually learns how to say them at some point, but they are just too cute!

Some of my favorites:
Clip Clops- Flip Flops
Cecil- Cereal
Hippos- pillows

"That's grossy!" (says this mostly about food at dinnertime, kid is NOT into eating dinner)
"Meany Peany" (his go-to insult)

He is SUCH an easy kid one-on-one, so sweet and so cute. The trouble starts when the big brothers are around, and all too often, three is just a crowd. He competes for attention, and toys and tries to let us all know LOUD and clear that he is not a baby and will NOT be pushed around.

He also pushes limits more than the other two did. Literally tonight Aaron said jokingly, "Isaac, don't push it." And he replied, "I want to; push, push, push." He definitely challenges me on new levels, but also melts my heart in new ways, and I cherish my moments with him.

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