Monday, March 8, 2010

We have been having 40+ degree weather for the past week, and the boys went out to play today. With all the snow melting, plus rain we got last weekend, our yard is a sodden, muddy mess. But I had played about all of the "hyena game" I could play (basically we pretend we are hyenas, or whatever animals they choose). I just do not enjoy playing pretend. There I said it. Give me just about any boardgame, coloring book, craft project, baking, etc. but please don't make me play pretend. When I was in highschool I babysat this little girl all summer. She was nine and her parents were slightly paranoid, as in they didn't want us to go outside. So, we stayed inside all summer and all she wanted to play was pretend! She was my "dog", and I just about lost my mind. Anyway, so I decided the boys needed some fresh air and excersise and I bundled them up. As they walked out in their snow pants and boots, I thought to myself over and over, "Almost any mess can be cleaned up, it's okay if they are covered in mud, they can all take baths." And as soon as their little feet walked outside they were instantly laying down in the mud, digging in the mud, and splashing in mud puddles. Ah well, just a typical day in the life of boys! At least my boys. :)

Something funny happened this morning. Eli and Micah called me up to their room to show me something. I have no idea how or why they thought of showing me this, I was in my half-paying attention mode as I cleaned up the kitchen so there is a good chance I missed something. Anyway, I follow them up and when we get up there they proceed to show me how they climb on top of their tall vertical dresser and jump off on to Eli's bed below. Yikes! This is apparently something that used to go on during "naptime" according to Micah. How they manage it was pretty interesting to see. They would climb on Eli's bed then leaning from his bed to the dresser they would curl their little toes around the handle of the dresser drawer and take a big step up. Standing on top of the dresser they could touch the ceiling, so they were pretty high. Anyway, I think their guardian angels have been working overtime lately. :)

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  1. same here! thank goodness for guardian angels! hahaha!